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Lewis Brant Sheldon

"Come on, let your colors burst..."

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Name:Lewis Brant Sheldon
Birthdate:Feb 1
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Lewis Brant Sheldon grew up in Bedford in Westchester County in New York. He was the youngest of two children born to Mary and Greg Sheldon, following three years after his sister, Callie. Extending on from their nuclear family, Lewis had a huge pile of aunts, uncles, and cousin with both his mother and father being one of 7 kids in their families. They used to joke about having a "Lucky 7" of their own, to which Lewis came to force a laugh because he never really understood the huge family dynamic.

That wasn't to say he didn't love his family and appreciate having them. He did. He was just so entirely different to them inside. On the outside, he was raised into a strictly Christian and religious way of life. It was all about the marriage, the fathers providing for the families, the wife being the stay-at-home mothers and homemakers. Church was every Sunday, and bible study every Thursday evening. No one ever missed church or bible study. Their social life was with like-minded people who had like-minded ideals. All of which didn't take Lewis all that long to realise he didn't share.

Even when he was child, he used to sit in church side-eyeing fellow worshippers to watch their reactions to the surmons. He used to find himself watching the preacher and seriously trying to work out if he was actually saying anything that made much sense, or just liked to hear his own voice. He would even nudge his best friend, Liz Harrison on the Sundays they were allowed to sit together in the pews and see if she was thinking the same things as he was. She was always 100% enthralled though and he eventually gave up trying to get meaning of other things beyond church out of her. She was his partner in crime, but they were very different.

Lewis never voluntarily read the bible. He had it read to him by his mother when he was young and he figured once was enough because even at that young age, he didn't get the point of it. It was like any other story to him. The concept of one Lord and Savior didn't connect for him, and that was the start of what he would soon come to realise as his own non-religious beliefs and morals sparking. He wasn't an Atheist. He didn't actively negate religion, he just wasn't interested in it. He wasn't interested in practising it, and he wasn't interested in being restricted by it.

By the time he hit his teens, hit puberty, and started to see there was more to life than the religious upbringing he had, he was planning to move on and spread his wings. There was never any interest in girls, even if his and Liz's families had entertained the idea they could date and get married after high school. It even led to little giggle sessions with their mothers and grandmothers about how beautiful their grandbabies or great-grandbabies would be. Lewis overheard it one day, and had to stifle an outright derisive snort. Liz was friend, he didn't want to make babies with her.

Or make anything with any girl, it turned out. He was gay. He knew this much when a guy kissed him in the locker room after gym class one day. Glen was his first (albeit secret) boyfriend, first love, but it was high school fleeting romance at best. Glen was a sports jock, Lewis hated sport. He wanted to study to become a professional makeup artist and when he told his father his, he was quickly cut-off, being told if he did a job like that "everyone would think he was homosexual". Lewis still remembered the hushed snapped warning it came. His dad wanted him to be a doctor like he was, or join the military like Grandpa had. That day was the day Lewis started planning on walking away from his family life, going where he could spread his wings, and never looking back.

His mindset was pretty simple. He wanted to be who he was, and he was fine letting his family be who they were. He didn't want to hurt them or fight them on what they believed, same as he wanted the same courtesy in return. Which was a courtesy he knew wouldn't come. Any tiny hint to them that he was gay, wanted to marry a guy, do something "homosexual like", it would result in a range of possible things... ranging from trying to brainwash him, trying to convert him, save him, cleanse him of his sins. All of which sounded like way too much time in a church for his liking. He didn't want to live his life stifling who he was, and towards the end of high school, he began planning on walking away from the life his family valued and he just didn't agree with.

On the hush, he applied for a few scholarships to makeup design schools and he was offered a place at the Makeup Designory on Broadway in New York City. It was his dream college placement and he accepted it straight away. It was a bit of a tough time for him knowing he couldn't tell any of his family or friends of his success and it only made him more eager to break free and start his own life being the person he was. He told his family he was going to take a gap year between high school and college so he could really decided which Med School he wanted to go to. It was a lie, sure, but they had been lying to him about shit they believed was realy for years, so he figured it was a fair swap. He wanted to travel, and even if they weren't entirely convinced, they agreed it would be good life experiences for him and suggested some missionary trips overseas to teach people the ways of their religion.

Fuck that for a joke. He said London was his first stop, and it was but not as a religious missionary "saving" people from themselves. He went backpacking and lived it up like nothing else. He started to express himself more in how he dressed, dabbling in wearing makeup himself. Maybe it was effeminate and maybe it was more "homo" and maybe somewhere (unlikely) God was sitting in a corner sobbing and rocking over his sins, but so be it. He had a lot of gay sex with a lot of different guys. He partied a lot, he met some amazing lifelong friends who weren't remotely religious, and completely lived it up for the duration of the sumer following his high school graduation.

Then he travelled back to New York where he got an apartment with two other guys and three girl, and started his Masters in Makeup Artisty at the Makeup Designory. He loved every minute, and excelled in the course. Once he graduated, he was offered a trainship with a Broadway show under the management of Broadway Producer, Caden Drake. It was a dream job, and everything he hoped it would be. Now he is completely out and proud, often seen in various stages of gothic attire or makeup, or other outlandish fashion. Whatever takes his fancy on any given day. What turned out happening with his parents was he told them he didn't want to go to Med School and got a job on Broadway working for a Producer, which they weren't entirely satisfied with but accepted it. He now goes back to Westchester to visit them about once a month, where he sheds his usual look and attire to confirm to the perfect little Christian boy they thought he was for a family dinner and that's the extent of it.

Maybe one day he'll tell them, or maybe he's not ready to consider that at all yet because he doesn't see himself - or his life - as wrong, as a sin, or anything but being exactly who he is and having his own, non-restrictive beliefs and morals. Which completely involves sharing a bed with a guy whenever he feels like it and working the most amazing career, even if some people thing it makes him "faggy".

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